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Our tax professional are here to assist you with individual issues and business taxes. No charge for phone calls or emails regarding general tax information. Exception will be for any advanced research and you will be notified before this commences.


We offer tax return preparation as well as additional services that make individual taxes manageable and predictable for the individual.

What if I am in trouble with the IRS?

Being beholden to the IRS can be an uncomfortable situation. You need someone on your side that can explain the options and work on your behalf. 

Corporate and Partnership Taxation

Business tax and consulting is not a one size fits all. Each business is unique in its industry as well as specific issues that effect its operations. What works for one business may not be a good fit for yours. Tax preparation is only the beginning.

State and Local Taxation

The best way to learn about State and Local taxation is to find someone who can teach you how it works. Remember that each state and locality is different. And there are 50 different opinions in the US not including the District of Columbia. Navigating these taxes can be tricky and full of pitfalls. Having a team on your side can prevent problems that could cost you money and maybe sanity.


Are you spending more time working in your business bookkeeping rather working on your business or personal success? There comes a time when we all need assistance.

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