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Individual Taxation

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Tax preparation

Tax Preparation is the process of preparing tax returns for individuals for submission to the Internal Revenue Service or to State and Local Jurisdictions.

Our tax preparation begins with asking you questions about your activities during the year. We provide a tax organizer that gives you check lists on items to collect as well as ask questions regarding your tax situations. Once we have your documents and organizer, we prepare the tax return. If clarifications are needed, an email is sent outlining the additional information needed for the tax return. Once the initial return is prepared and second member of our team reviews the tax return for accuracy to insure that all issues and questions have been addressed for that year. The return is then available for your inspection.

Additional Services

 In addition to tax preparation we also offer the following services:

Tax Projections  -

Tax projections are useful when you have an event or sudden change in your income. At any time during the year, we can estimate you tax liability to see if you are overpaid or underpaid. If your income is uneven, we recommend a mid-year and a end of the year projection. This allows you to budget for your taxes proactively rather than be surprised at tax time.

W-4 calculations -
This calculation is useful to determine if you are withholding enough from your paychecks. Using the most recent paycheck stubs, we can determine your exemptions needed to break even at the end of the year. You never want to have a large refund ( free loan to the IRS) nor a large liability.
Tax planning -
Tax planning is useful if you are aware of an issue that will effect the current or next year. You may inherit an IRA or have stock options vesting. Rather than worry - have a plan that works for you.
Personal Bookkeeping -
This service is useful in many aspects. It can help you realize where you are spending your money. Does it always seem to disappear? This is useful in budgeting and in getting debt free.


Concierge Service -

This service is personal bookkeeping and bill paying for either a person or family. We have clients that travel and wish someone to take care of the bill pay and report back to them monthly via bookkeeping reports.

Family bookkeeping is a concierge service were we provide bookkeeping and bill pay for a family member. Often it is parents. We provide reports of income and expenses back to the parent and/or to the children. This allows everyone in the family to be informed about the finances and everyone is comfortable that everything has been accounted for by a independent third party. It also provides peace of mind that money is were it is supposed to be and no fraud is taking place.

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