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Corporate and partnership consulting and preparation is as unique as the owners themselves.


Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Package

Tax return preparation includes the federal return and state returns as necessary. We offer a complete package starting with bookkeeping for the business with reports either monthly or quarterly to the owners and the tax return preparation. This service allows you time to work on your business and less time enter information into the books.


Additional Services

If it were only that easy to just prepare the returns and bookkeeping, life would be great. However, issues arise that require additional consideration. you have to have a "Game Plan." Here are some options you should consider adding to your line up.


Business Operations and Documentation

This is an often overlooked area in planning. Do you have lines of liability or personal guarantees? Are you maintaining integrity? When was the last time your minutes were updated? Are you claiming all possible business expenses? How "audit proof" are your records? It not enough to just run the business, it has to be efficient and documented to prevent problems.


Income Shifting

Income shifting is allocating revenue to a person usually a family member who could be in a lower tax bracket. Do you know the rules and pitfalls? Can I pay my children for services? Can I gift ownership?


Fringe Benefits

The dream of any business owner is to eventually retire. Are you going to retire on purpose? What are the options for small business retirement? How can the company utilize an HSA account? Fringe benefits is were the business is good to the owners.


Corporate/LLC Planning

You business changes from year to year. So why does your planning stay static? Have you thought about entity selection. Are you positioned to take advantage of your structure or is it holding you back?


Our team can implement a strategy that reflects your unique business and goals.



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